Shorebirds Pier-7400.small
Seabirds crowd the old pilings at the far end of the Berkeley Pier on Wed. Feb. 27. Photo: Elaine Miller Bond [Click for larger photo.]

On Wednesday, author and photographer Elaine Miller Bond captured this shot of an amazing spectacle down at the Berkeley Marina.

“There were many hundreds, probably thousands, of seabirds (mostly cormorants) flocked together, feeding on the water,” she said. “Within minutes, the entire flock had taken flight and landed here, on the old pilings at the far end of the Berkeley Pier. Though we humans no longer use these derelict planks, birds can certainly be seen, ‘sitting on the dock of the bay.’”

Miller Bond, who has contributed several wonderful articles to Berkeleyside, was down by the bay working on an upcoming story for us. Watch this space.

Elaine Miller Bond is the author/illustrator of Affimals: Affirmations + Animals and the upcoming sequel, Dream Affimals, from Sunstone Press. She is also the photographer for The Utah Prairie Dog (University of Utah Press), projected for publication in 2013. 

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