Premier Cru on University Avenue, designed by David Trachtenberg and built by Kaufman Construction, won a Berkeley Design Advocates award. Story here. Photo: BDA

As usual, the most commented-upon posts this week centered around the city and crime. Readers had lots of opinions about the Berkeley Police Association’s survey on Tasers. They also talked about the mock active-shooter-in-school drill that multiple police agencies conducted this week. Reaction was mixed to the Berkeley City Council’s decision to raise residential parking permit fees by $10. Ditto for UC Berkeley’s plan to build a $15 million aquatics center on Bancroft Way near Oxford.

The food news in Berkeley continues to astonish. This week Berkeleyside reported on the imminent opening of a new big-city pizzeria, Build, on Shattuck and Bancroft. The Mead Kitchen, which will make a honey-based wine, is set to come in May.

The most delightful story of the week (we think) was Paul Kamen’s April Fool’s article on a cruise ship visiting Berkeley’s waterfront. We are still smiling.

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