Photo: scarlatti2004
Photo: scarlatti2004

Urban Adamah offers live-in farming option (BHS Jacket)
East Bay’s Lanesplitter Pizza responds to employee walkout (Grub Street)
Food porn Friday: Bacheesos in Berkeley and Oakland (Inside Scoop)
Mary Risley lashes back at Michael Pollan about the impact of Food TV (Grub St. SF)
Michael Pollan on The Colbert Report (Inside Scoop)
Bay Area home brewers opt for homegrown hops (KQED)
Homesteading on the cheap (EBX)
The rules of husbandry (EBX)
The microeconomy of an urban farm (EBX)
Fire, Water, Air, Earth: Michael Pollan gets elemental in ‘Cooked’ (KQED)
Lanesplitter employees quit in protest (EBX)

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