Our number one story for pageviews this week was our Bites column: a weekly round-up of all the exciting things happening on the food scene in the inner East Bay — which just goes to show that our readers appreciate the good things in life, including, NOSH, our spin-off site dedicated to all things delicious.

Nikki Hodgson’s essay reflecting on all the good things she would miss when she moved from Berkeley to Boulder, Colorado, clearly struck a chord. Who wouldn’t feel nostalgic for Tilden Park, Berkeley Bowl, surplus Meyer lemons, and our city’s “quiet corners of refuge.”

Other stories that grabbed people’s attention included an emotionally charged City Council meeting, our weekly Berkeley local business post, Shop Talk, and our report on who had won the vacant seat on the Berkeley Unified School Board.

What posts stood out to you this week? Are there other stories you’d like to see? Let us know in the comments or by writing to us at editors@berkeleyside.com. 

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