We asked you to share your July 4th with us, and share you did. We are happy to present  photos from Berkeleyside readers and staffers which provide a glimpse into how many Berkeleyans spent Independence Day.

A large crowd gathers at the Parkside Drive round to hear a talk and sing the Star-Spangled Banner. Photo: Tracey Taylor
From Frances Dinkelspiel via Twitter: “Look what the Fourth of July brought: a baby deer on my steps”

The Eyewitness Blues Band plays at the Parkside round as part of the July 4th Plaza Drive/Parkside Drive parade. Photo: Daryl Austern
Berkeley’s dogs got in on the celebrations. At the Parkside Drive round. Photo: Tracey Taylor
Decorated bikes at the Parkside Drive round.Photo: Tracey Taylor
Crowd gathers after the parade at the Parkside Drive round. Photo: Tracey Taylor
Celebrating from the sky. Photo: Nancy Van House
Last July 4th we published a pic of Steve Fruhwirth’s son Zander in a bubble at the Berkeley Marina. Here he is a year later! Photo: Steve Fruhwirth
A veteran at Alameda’s July 4th celebrations, photographed by Berkeleyan Ira Serkes
Horse rider at Alameda July 4th celebration. Photo: Ira Serkes
Spiderman at Alameda July 4th celebration. Photo: Ira Serkes
Girl with flag at Alameda July 4th celebrations. Photo: Ira Serkes
Celebrations in Berkeley, posted on Instagram by Deb Durant
Poolside. Photo: Tracey Taylor
Today was made for grilling. Photo: Siciliana Trevino
Susan Helmrich’s berry cobbler. Photo: Frances Dinkelspiel
Summer peaches. Photo: Daryl Austern
Fireworks in Berkeley. Photo posted on Twitter by gregm123456
Sparklers in the street. Photograph posted on Instagram by Emilie Raguso
Hiking up Claremont Canyon at around 8:15 pm to watch the fireworks over the bay. Photo: Pam Johann
Taking in the view and fireworks on Claremont Canyon. Photo: Pam Johann
Shortly before the start of the fireworks, people hang out on the top of Kite Hill in the Berkeley Marina. Photo: Brian Shott
Fireworks as seen from the Berkeley hills. Photo: louiekablooie1

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