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Mail carrier Mack Paige, center standing, being celebrated by the neighborhood he has served for 23 years. Photo: Rob Adair

Despite it being summer, when you might expect a slight downturn in readership numbers, this week was one of Berkeleyside’s strongest for visitors to the site. Unfortunately, two deaths and a strange car accident had a lot to do with it — but we brought you some wonderfully uplifting stories too.

On Monday, we reported on the case of 46-year-old John Patrick Miller who was killed in a hit-and-run accident on the University Avenue overpass. When we went to the scene, we noticed there were no signs indicating pedestrians are prohibited from going on the overpass, and reported as much. The next day the city erected a sign — although many readers felt its design and wording could be improved upon.

On Wednesday evening, we broke the news that 26-year-old Jermaine Davis was gunned down on Derby Street. Our investigations revealed that Davis was the intended target in a high-profile incident in 2009 during which his brother, Charles Davis, was shot dead by members of Oakland’s North Side gang. Two other people were killed in a crash that night too.

On a happier note, we brought you the heartwarming story of a Berkeley neighborhood that threw a surprise celebration for its much-loved mail carrier of 23 years (pictured top).

Oh, and celebrity watchers might want to know that Ian McKellan, Patrick Stewart and Billy Crudup are in town. Here’s why.

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