Berkeley was ranked #7 in a listing of the best US cities for successful single women. Photo: Derrick Coetzee

Berkeley was recently ranked the seventh best city in the U.S. for successful single women. “Berkeley’s young, eclectic and educated women find job opportunities in higher education,” as well as at the pharmaceutical company Bayer, noted real-estate company Redfin, creators of the league table.

The rankings were calculated using a series of statistics collected by the 2010 U.S. Census and included things like college graduation rate for women over 25, the percentage of working-age women with a yearly salary over $65,000, and the ratio of single women ages 25-39 to single men of the same age range.

According to the rankings, Berkeley’s 68% of Berkeley’s population of single women are college graduates, 44% of women aged over 15 in Berkeley earn more than $65,000 annually (that includes single and married women) and there is as 24% surplus of single men in the ratio of women to men.

The number one city for successful single women is Arlington, VA, and Berkeley fell between Seattle, WA at No. 6 and Atlanta at No. 8. Both San Francisco (No. 5) and Oakland were on the list as well (No. 10).

Eden Teller, a graduate of Berkeley High School, is a summer intern at Berkeleyside. She will be attending Macalester College in St. Paul, MN, next year.

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Eden Teller is a freelance reporter, writer and amateur gardener. She began reporting for Berkeleyside as an intern in 2013 and continued her career with a B.A. in Media Studies from Macalester College...