Jupiter: great pizza and salads in an enclosed patio in the heart of downtown Berkeley. Photo: Jupiter

By Whitney Moss/510 Families

Summer, which seems to run from early August to the beginning of October around here, is a nice time to eat at a restaurant with outdoor patio space. The sound of kids rejecting their food can drift up into the heavens instead of bouncing off the walls and driving us all crazy. With a little help from readers, we’ve got a couple of nice restaurant lists going.

Here are ten kid-friendly restaurants in Berkeley with outdoor seating:

  1. Café Leila – on San Pablo, north of University, this casual restaurant produces high quality, fresh food and offers a large patio with enough room for dogs and strollers. Service can be slow. Dinner only on Thurs-Sunday evenings. Try brunch.
  2. Rick and Ann’s – Across from the Claremont Hotel, this Berkeley institution will keep you waiting for weekend breakfasts, but if you’re lucky enough to go on a weekday, it’s delicious. Patio is pretty, but on a busy street.
  3. Jupiter – This large and festive patio is filled with students and young families. The pizza and salads are delicious. The fire pit is not awesome for for toddlers, but they can’t get to it without climbing. Located conveniently for meeting a parent hopping off the BART in Downtown Berkeley. The live music may be too loud, but it doesn’t start until 8 pm.
  4. Barney’s – Serving burgers and fries in many flavors, Barney’s outdoor seating is up above street level. The view is not picturesque, but rather the bustling Gourmet Ghetto.

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