A young girl looks at the collection of mirrors at Berkeley Spark. Photo by Quinn Anya
A young girl looks at the “Arc of Reflection” artwork at Berkeley Spark. Photo: Quinn Dombrowski

Hundreds of people flocked to central Berkeley on Saturday to take part in Berkeley Spark, a one-day festival that was billed as bringing the spirit of the popular Burning Man Festival to the East Bay. The centerpiece of the festival was the sculpture “Arc of Reflection” by Amy Stabler. Read more about Berkeley Spark, which was sponsored by Berkeleyside, and enjoy these photos taken by Berkeleyside readers.

Amy Stabler’s “Arc of Reflection” sculpture at Civic Center Park for Berkeley Spark. Photo: Colleen Neff
Photo: Colleen Neff
The Berkeley Spark crowd joined those at the Saturday Farmers’ Market. Photo: Ted Friedman
Photo: Ira Serkes
Photo: Quinn Dombrowski

Berkeley Spark plans to bring the Playa to downtown (o5.28.13)

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