The news that a task force was working on acquiring, and financing anchor tenants and city permits to re-open the Oaks Theatre on Berkeley’s Solano Avenue was welcomed by many this week. Photo: Ira Serkes
on Berkeley’s Solano Avenue was welcomed by many this week. Photo: Ira Serkes

By far our most popular story this week was an op-ed by Alex Gourley, CEO and co-founder of fitness company BitGym, who wrote about why he and his colleagues moved their startup from San Francisco’s Mission District to a co-working space in downtown Berkeley. Readers flocked to the column — not least when we posted it on the Chronicle’s SFGate. No doubt all of those San Franciscans were intrigued to learn what made Berkeley such an attractive city for a bunch of young entrepreneurs.

There are so many exciting things happening in the food and drink world in the East Bay it can be hard to keep up. But keep up we do: every week, our “Bites” column is one of the best-read parts of the site. This week we brought you news of several new eateries coming to the Lorin District, including a new Ethiopian spot, and a new French restaurant as well as a new cocktail bar heading to downtown Berkeley.

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