Wild turkeys are part and parcel of daily life in the city of Berkeley. Berkeleyside receives regular updates from our readers of sightings. Sometimes the birds come in pairs, sometimes in large flocks — rarely alone. And, it seems, there is nowhere they will not deign to roam. This past week we have received photos of turkeys on a traffic circle, on a roof, even at the doors of City Hall.

Above: a video by Kim Aronson showing traffic disrupted by turkeys crossing the road (of course!) And below a selection of photos shared with us by readers.

Wild turkeys in front of City Hall. Photo: Catherine Ference
Wild turkeys on the traffic circle at California and Addison. Photo: Jeffrey Troutman
On the roof of her neighbors’ house. Photo: Heather Raydo Sobky
On the roof of her neighbors’ house. Photo: Heather Raydo Sobky

A feast of turkeys:
Flock of wild turkey poults take a stroll in Berkeley (07.16.13)
The wild turkeys of Berkeley: out and about again (01.26.12)
Gobble gobble: Wild turkeys roam streets of Berkeley, Albany (01.06.12)

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