Bargain Bites interactive map via hyperbowler
Chowhounder hyperbowler made it easy to find cheap eats near you via a Google map. (Scroll down for the interactive version.)

Earlier this month, the San Francisco Chronicle came out with its 2013 Bargain Bites guide featuring restaurants offering  low-priced eats across 19 different cuisines. Inside Scoop created a handy overview of the categories, which include everything from fried chicken and pizza to tacos, dumplings and “anything goes.” What was missing, however, was a visual way to see the winners at a glance. One Chowhounder, named hyperbowler, set out to remedy this by creating a Google map of the victors, which one fan described as “the best post ever on Chowhound.”

The map is particularly handy for East Bay residents who want to pick out winners on this side of the bridge quickly without having to peruse the Chron’s list to identify nearby cities. There are 17 spots around Berkeley, Oakland and Alameda, and many others farther afield. The interactive map appears below. If you have recommendations for these spots, or any favorites the Chron missed, we invite you to add them in the comments.

View SF Chron Bargain Bites 2013 in a larger map

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