A Taste of Oakland. Photo: Thomas Hawk
A Taste of Oakland. Photo: Thomas Hawk

Eat in Oakland: Beauty’s Bagel Shop (Work It, Berk)
At a glance: Black Spring Coffee Company in Oakland (Nosh via Our Oakland)
Orange and black (olive) cake: A dark chocolate delight (butter, sugar, flowers)
Slow down to enjoy life at Bartavelle in West Berkeley (Daily Cal)
My favorite Italian neighbor (Starving Critic)
Biesty and Nugent finalize deal for Shakewell in Oakland (Inside Scoop SF)
Time for Day of Dead bread sightings (Chow)
New Italian cookbook, Bocanova party, cafe pop-up and more (East Bay Dish)
New Mom’s First meal out: Recommendations (Chow)
Reveals: Upcoming Shakewell Lakeshore Location Revealed (tablehopper)
Checking out A16 in Oakland (Inside Scoop SF)

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