“I ruin everything. —Expectations.” Photo: Postette

Many Berkeleyans woke up on Monday of this past week to a strange smell in the air. After looking into it, we reported that the wind was carrying unpleasant odors from a fire at a metal scrap yard in Redwood City all the way to us.

Our reports on the support pouring in for 18-year-old Sasha Fleischman, who was set on fire while riding the bus, were both heartwarming and well received.

But by far the most read story on Berkeleyside this week was a whimsical one which set out to understand more about the mysterious Post-it notes (like the one pictured above) that have been appearing all over Berkeley for the past few months. The notes carry messages which, one assumes are meant to inspire. However not everyone welcomes them, as the story’s comment thread made clear.

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