Inti and Pedro Carrasco. Inti is 6 months old. His name means sun in Quechuan. Pedro: “I’m from Peru and I like my culture. They were very smart. I want to show my son where I come from and teach him how to speak Quechuan. Me: “What hopes to you have for your son Inti?” “I would like him to be multilingual so he could help other immigrants.”
1. Inti and Pedro Carrasco: shot by Nancy Rubin as part of her Humans of Berkeley and the Bay Area project, a new selection of which we published this week on Berkeleyside. “Absolutely gorgeous photos. THIS is Berkeley,” wrote one reader.
on Berkeleyside. “Absolutely gorgeous photos. THIS is Berkeley,” wrote one reader.

Each week, Berkeleyside publishes dozens of articles about what’s going on in Berkeley. You’re busy — some of them might have passed you by. Here are five stories, including the photo feature indicated above, we think you’ll want to catch up on. 

2. Neighbors nix a new Starbucks opening in Berkeley

There will be no grande frappuccinos for local residents, and nearby Alta Bates employees and patients, after the sheer persistence of local residents and business owners saw off the coffee chain.

3. Serious crime was down in 2013, robberies are on the rise

Even the increases in less serious crimes last year were small, with the exception of robbery reports, which rose from 334 in 2012 to 409 in 2013.

Photo: Michael Layefsky
Photo: Michael Layefsky

4. After 80 years in Berkeley, Pacific Steel files for bankruptcy

The foundry hopes bankruptcy proceedings will enable it to remain in operation, possibly under a different owner from the Genger family which is in its fourth generation of ownership.

5. 3 years after killing, Berkeley family still seeks justice

“Sometimes I wish they were dead, but if they were dead they can’t pay for what they did,” Tiffieny Dean says of whoever killed her late partner Toby Eagle, who was shot in his backyard three years ago this month. The case is unsolved and police are hoping for new information.

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