Cupcakin' Bake Shop is nearly ready to open in Berkeley, but needs a little home stretch funding. Photo: courtesy Cupcakin' Bake Shop
Cupcakin’ Bake Shop is nearly ready to open in Berkeley, but needs a little home-stretch funding. Photo: Cupcakin’ Bake Shop


CUPCAKIN’ BAKE SHOP Lila Owens is in the final stretch to get her Cupcakin’ Bake Shop open on Durant Ave. in Berkeley, (we first talked to Owens about her plans in August last year). She’s looking for a little financial help to clear the final hurdles, as a loan from the city has been delayed, she said. “We need a fridge, some working capital and other small equipment to open properly,” she reports on a GoFundMe site she launched today to garner support. Owens, a former caterer, will be selling a wide variety of cupcakes, including gluten-free, vegan, and mini-cakes. Her fundraising goal is to get 100 people to donate $100 in 14 days. But she said any amount helps. A donation of $100 or more will land you VIP status in the bake shop for a year. Cupcakin’ Bake Shop will open in the Sather Lane retail complex at 2435 Durant Ave. (just west of Telegraph).

Build-out for Alameda Island Brewing Co.
Build-out for Alameda Island Brewing Co.

ALAMEDA ISLAND BREWING COMPANY Getting ready to open in Alameda is new beer destination Alameda Island Brewing Company (another one!) at 1716 Park Street. The owners are Bill Phua and head brewer Matthew Fox, an award-winning home brewer, who say they “want to make great beer in a great town.” The brewery will consist of a brewing facility, a tasting room and a dining area with food from vendors like Baron’s Eats, East End Pizza, Sushi King and Greens & Grains, according to Spotmojo, who report that the dining area will have 10-15 tables and seating for at least 60 patrons. The pair have secured a conditional use permit and are in the process of building out the space. They hope to get permission to open until midnight, seven days a week, and are aiming for a mid-2014 launch.

What else is going on…


FARMCURIOUS  FARMCurious, the Oakland-based organization created to “educate, inspire and equip urban homesteaders,” has launched a Kickstarter campaign to produce and market its proprietary fermenting sets with their special ReCAP lids. The lids fit onto any wide-mouth mason jar and have an airlock system that allows carbon dioxide produced during fermentation to escape, but doesn’t let air from the environment in. This, they say, reduces the likelihood of mold, which is the number one turnoff for most people thinking of embarking on home fermenting. The cap also reduces that funky fermenting scent, the said, which can only be a good thing! Check out their Kickstarter page for details.

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AMBA GOING CARNIVOROUS Vegetarian kosher restaurant Amba in Montclair is going to start serving meat, owner Jonathan Wornick told J-Weekly. It’s a surprising move as Wornick and his wife are ethical vegans and are extremely uneasy about selling meat. But Wornick said the demand has been there for at least a year. “I’m not necessarily a gambling man, but I think this is a smart move,” he said. From April 27, a new menu will include beef kabobs, chicken shwarma, and chicken schnitzel. Many of the familiar vegetarian dishes are staying, however, including the hummus bowls, falafel, sabich, salads, shakshouka, fries, pita chips and desserts. Amba is at 6464 Moraga Ave., Oakland.

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