UC Berkeley students gathered at Memorial Glade to celebrate 4/20 Day on Sunday, April 20, 2014. Photo: Ted Friedman

Every week, Berkeleyside publishes dozens of articles about what’s going on in Berkeley. Some of them might have passed you by. Here are five stories we think you’ll want to catch up on.

1) Report concludes city would benefit if police use Tasers
The police have had this report for two years, but only made it public this week after Berkeleyside filed a public records request.

2) Sex offender arrested after grabbing 3-year old near campus
A parent’s worst nightmare. Fortunately, the perpetrator was arrested.

3) Mayor proposes regional minimum wage
Tom Bates doesn’t want East Bay cities to compete on this issue.

4) Kosher winery leaves Napa for Berkeley
As if we needed any more proof that the wine and food scene here is hot, hot, hot.

5) Berkeley volunteer redefines Good Samaritanism
There is selfless, and then there is this guy who works with the homeless. Be humbled.

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