Members of the public explore a model of a new-design BART car located at North Berkeley BART station on April 29,2014. Photo: Colleen Neff
Members of the public explored a model of a new-design BART car located at North Berkeley BART station on April 29, 2014. Photo: Colleen Neff

Bay Area Rapid Transit took its New Train Car Project to the North Berkeley BART station yesterday, allowing the public to provide feedback on the interior and exterior of a life-sized model of approximately half of a train car from its “fleet of the future.”

Those who turned up to take a look got to walk into the new car, sit down, and move around after which they were asked to fill out a survey.

Not everyone liked what they saw. Colleen Neff, who took the photographs shown here, said there was controversy over a center pole inside the new-design car, located near the doors.

The life model BART car was the size of approximately half a train car from its “fleet of the future.” Photo: Colleen Neff

Around 25 disabled people, some blind, some in wheelchairs, held a small protest at the site of the model car, asking that the pole be removed.

“The person in a wheelchair by me did have a difficult time getting around the pole. It seemed to block the flow of people getting on and off,” said Neff.

Several disabled people boarded the car. Photo: Colleen Neff
A group of disabled folk protested a center pole in the BART car which, they said, was an obstacle for wheelchair users. Photo: Colleen Neff

The model BART car is on tour through May. Next stop is Milpitas/San Jose on May 2, then back to the East Bay with Dublin/Pleasanton on May 5, Fruitvale Station on May 7, and Concord on May 9.

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