Heirloom’s chicken and wild rice. Photo: Mission Heirloom Café
Heirloom’s chicken and wild rice. Photo: Mission Heirloom Café

MISSION HEIRLOOM CAFÉ Gluten-free, grain-free and soy-free offerings will be available at Mission Heirloom Café, which opens this fall in North Berkeley’s Gourmet Ghetto. The restaurant will move into 2085 Vine St. where much-loved vegetarian Chinese restaurant Vegi Food operated until 2012. The Heirloom Café will be serving organic, non-GMO cuisine and Intelligista coffee. The café will have outdoor seating. Mission Heirloom currently operates a takeout kitchen on Eighth Street, where you can get a preview of their offerings by picking up lunchtime meals Tuesday through Friday.

Photo: Bobo

BOBO DRINKS Bobo Drinks will open its fifth location at 2037 Shattuck Ave. on Friday, July 4. The café serves sweet drinks and light snacks from a diverse range of locations, from New Orleans beignets to Banh Mi sandwiches from Vietnam (the website menu even includes stir-fried snail with coconut milk). The Shattuck Avenue store will be the micro-chain’s first location in Berkeley. Its website reads, “Our motto is to keep the drinks fresh by brewing tea leaves daily and keeping the sugar level at a minimum by using fresh fruits instead of over-using artificial syrups.”

Photo: Charles Siler

TAMON TEA A small Japanese café serving snacks, fresh mochi and specialty teas has opened at 2055a Center St. in downtown Berkeley. The café, Tamon Tea, occupies a small space and serves affordable, simple food. Their specialty is a small rice bowl called omusubi, which they serve with seaweed and different toppings.

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