Water rescue at the Berkeley pier. Photo: Dina Becerra
Water rescue at the Berkeley pier. Photo: Dina Becerra

A Berkeley firefighter rescue swimmer saved a woman late Thursday afternoon after she reportedly jumped off the Berkeley Pier into the San Francisco Bay, authorities said.

The woman and a man who jumped into the bay to try to rescue her before authorities arrived were taken to the hospital for medical care.

Berkeley Deputy Fire Chief Avery Webb said a call came in to dispatchers at 4:45 p.m. reporting people in the water at the end of the Berkeley Pier.

Berkeley police and firefighters responded.

“There were reports that the woman had jumped into the water near the end of the pier,” Webb said. “And that an adult male jumped in the water after her.”

The Fire Department dispatched three engines, a ladder truck, an ambulance and a chief officer to the scene.

Authorities also called the U.S. Coast Guard for additional support.

Some of the responding units went to the end of the pier, where the man had climbed back up. The woman remained in the water, however.

The Fire Department sent a firefighter rescue swimmer into the bay. The swimmer was able to reach the woman and ensure her safety.

At the same time, the harbormaster of the Berkeley Marina circled around with a boat. The firefighter helped the woman get into the boat, and she was taken to the harbormaster’s office.

The woman and the man who had been in the water were sent to the hospital for medical care. Webb said the water temperature was a factor but that he could not disclose additional information about specific injuries due to privacy laws.

The injuries were not, however, considered life threatening, he added.

No further information was available Thursday evening.

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