Bissap Bbobab Oakland, Cocktails trio. Photo: Bissap Baobab
Catch up on the latest East Bay food and drink news, including why these delicious looking cocktails are being served at Oakland’s Bissap Bbobab, with our latest Bites column. Photo: Bissap Baobab
  1. New LED streetlights produce light, but a lot of heat as well
  2. Animal activists smash windows of family-owned Star Grocery
  3. It’s a drought: Cal and Berkeley try and curb water use
  4. Downtown initiative halts plans for new $100m high-rise hotel
  5. Berkeley installs first permeable pavers downtown
  6. Standoff in West Berkeley provokes major police response
  7. We do the math: how much is being spent on election campaigns?
  8. Driver charged in vehicular manslaughter of Berkeley man is legally blind
  9. Five-story apartment building proposed for Grocery Outlet site in West Berkeley

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