Berkeley Police dispatch center. Photo: Emilie Raguso
Berkeley Police dispatch center: our in-depth story on how the center operates was well received. Photo: Emilie Raguso

1. Always on call: Inside the Berkeley police dispatch center
2. It’s grape harvest time for Covenant, a kosher winery new to West Berkeley
3. Berkeley boy Andy Samberg gives back with a burger
4. Teen charged with the stabbing of 72-year old woman in Berkeley
5. Police ticket pedestrians for downtown traffic violations
6. Take your dog to dinner: It’s now legal (within limits)
7. Cyclist dies after North Berkeley crash with car

8. Beverage companies donate $800,000 to fight soda tax

John Adams, Sandy Stier, Kris Perry, Adam Mansbach, Brian Christian, Mina Girgis, Tanya Holland, Daphne Miller, Matías Tarnopolsky: a few of the amazing speakers coming to Uncharted: The Berkeley Festival of Ideas on Oct. 24-25. Buy your ticket now before early-bird pricing expires on Oct. 6.

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