David Hyman, Founder of Berkeley-based MOG
David Hyman, serial founder of Berkeley companies, with a new, stealth start-up.
David Hyman, serial founder of Berkeley companies, with a new, stealth start-up.

David Hyman is that rare thing: a successful serial entrepreneur who is committed to Berkeley. And he wants people to audition for his new start-up.

Hyman was CEO of founded music database company Gracenote in Berkeley in the ’90s before going on to found streaming music service MOG in 2005 — in Berkeley again. MOG was bought by Beats Electronics in 2012 and moved to Southern California (Beats, in turn was bought by Apple in August this year). Now, Hyman has returned to Berkeley intent on making a success of another music start-up, Chosen.

But don’t expect to follow that link to find out anything about Chosen. It’s currently in stealth mode. There’s a small team in west Berkeley and a team of developers in Israel.

Here’s all Hyman will say: “Chosen is a new online performance platform geared towards unsigned talent and is aiming to change the way people interact and engage with music and video content.”

As part of its stealth phase, Chosen is holding open auditions today from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. at Oakstop, 1721 Broadway #201, in downtown Oakland. The call is for singers, rappers, rockers and r&b lovers to be part of Chosen’s launch. Only 25 spots are available.

If you’re interested in auditioning (or know someone who is), sign up using this Google form.

Berkeley-based MOG could be acquired by Beats (03.22.12)

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