Measure D, which aims to put a tax on sugary drinks, is dominating the Berkeleyside Opinionator section, but there are plenty of other subjects being aired there too. Photo: John

Opinion pieces are being submitted to Berkeleyside at a rapid clip these days, and all are edited and published in our Opinionator section.

In case you missed them, you can catch up on 12 op-eds that have appeared since Oct. 1.

The controversial Measure D, which aims to put a tax on sugary drinks, accounts for half of them. The number of comments on the many op-eds we have published on this ballot measure is running in the high hundreds (it may even be over one thousand — we admit we haven’t sat down and counted.)

One writer urges people to vote no on Measure F, the parks tax increase. Another argues that Measure R, the downtown development initiative, is “bad government;” while yet another tells us why she thinks it’s important to vote on Measure S which considers whether to approve a new redistricting map for Berkeley.

Tony Thurmond, who is a candidate for State Assembly District 15, writes that we need to stand up for student mental health.

In a fascinating piece, Bryan Grunwald suggests it is time that Bayer, which has a large facility in Berkeley, come clean and acknowledge the contribution one of his distant cousins made in inventing Aspirin.

And Nora Isaacs asks, “where’s the outrage?” after a 72-year old woman died this week after being stabbed in broad daylight by an 18-year old in a South Berkeley carjacking attempt.

Whether you agree or disagree with the opinions expressed in these pieces, feel free to leave your considered views in the Comments sections on the individual op-eds.

Berkeleyside welcomes submissions of op-ed articles. We ask that we are given first refusal to publish. Topics should be Berkeley-related, local authors are preferred, and we don’t publish anonymous pieces. Please email submissions to us. Berkeleyside will publish op-ed pieces at its discretion.

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