Berkeley from across the bay. Photo, taken on Oct. 19, 2014, by <a href="">David Abercrombie.</a>   
Berkeley from across the bay. Photo, taken on Oct. 19, 2014, by David Abercrombie

Berkeley’s effort to pass Measure D, the soda tax (Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution)
Robert Reich video: Like Coke or Pepsi? Wait until you hear what they are doing (Upworthy)
Faculty profile: Juana Maria Rodriguez on sexuality in public discourse (UC Berkeley)
Berkeley’s Uncharted Festival unites innovators in quest for ideas (SF Chronicle)
Dead Berkeley bones ID’d (Berkeley Reporter)
Groups opposing water bond proposition host art show at Sproul (Daily Cal)
Domingo Ave. rich in restaurants, specialty shops (SF Chronicle)
Female student reports being drugged, sexually assaulted (Daily Cal)
Cal forms search committee to look for new athletic director (Mercury News)
UC Berkeley taps Bill Maher for graduation speaker (National Review)
Bancroft Library opens stunning California Captured on Canvas exhibition (Sierra Times)
Berkeley names on list of Jewish innovators (J-Weekly)

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