Memorial Stadium 209 by Nancy Rubin. Photo taken Nov. 8, 2014

Op-ed: Big Soda’s false populism (LA Times)
Is Berkeley’s soda tax a tipping point or outlier? (Calif. Health Online)
Berkeley is Bay Area’s 9th most dangerous city (SF Gate)
Firm gets $300k federal grant for toxic bloom testing device (Mercury News)
“Unstill Life” by Gabrielle Selz: A life in art (SF Chronicle)
“Charming” production of Mary Poppins at Berkeley Playhouse (Daily Cal)
Berkeley High student band releases self-titled album (BHS Jacket)
Chancellor Dirks issues statement on tuition proposal (UCB News)
The last Clone at Cloyne Court (Daily Cal)
Barclay Simpson, one of Cal’s biggest supporters, dies at 93 (UCB News)

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