Second Blossom by Alex Madonik. Photo taken on Dec. 11, 2014

Berkeley panel seeking temporary ban on tear gas use (Tribune)
Berkeley moves Dec. 16 City Council meeting to larger site (CoCo Times)
Dirks hails Richmond campus as global university site (IBA)
Stanford’s start-up community is king, but Cal wants to catch up (Venture Beat)
Record number of UC applicants for fall 2015 (Office of the President)
Cal professor and world authority on coral atolls has died (Guardian)
Test yourself: Keeping up with the Joneses, Berkeley-style (NYT)
Op-ed: Berkeley protesters — what’s next? (SF Chronicle)
Price hike at UC Berkeley’s journalism school (Columbia Journalism Review)
Mark Bittman, Claus Meyer to teach at Berkeley Food Institute (Inside Scoop)
Mission stabbing victim a Berkeley student with promise (SF Chronicle)

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