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Jody Radzik is really into weather. Although a Berkeley resident now, he used to live in New Mexico where, as he puts it, “the weather is more interesting.”

Like a number of people living in “tornado alley” states, Radzik used to do a lot of storm chasing — tracking the weather on a radar while driving in the hope of seeing a tornado up close. He said he loved marveling at the drama of nature with other storm chasers.

So it was that on Thursday, Radzik, a graphic designer by profession, grabbed his iPhone 6 and set out from his West Berkeley home to chase the so-called Pineapple Express storm that came through Berkeley.

YouTube video

The video above is the result. Radzik started at Aquatic Park as it was near his house, and sought out creeks knowing they would offer some good footage. He drove through flood water at Second Street and University, shot video as he passed the city recycling center, and secured some concluding film of the flowing creek at Strawberry Creek Park.

He pulled together the 4.40-minute video with some captions and a song sourced from SoundCloud, “Escapism” by Lit By Fire, which sets the mood.

“The weather is not as exciting in California,” Radzik said, “but when it does rain heavily I make the most of it.”

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