Tanya from By Any Means Necessary leads march on Dec. 9, 2014
Tanya (with megaphone) from the group By Any Means Necessary, leads march on Dec. 9, 2014. Photo: Frances Dinkelspiel

Berkeleyside has recently published several op-eds on the subject of the recent Black Lives Matter protests.

In a piece published on Dec. 10, Jennifer Davidson, a professor at American Baptist Seminary of the West, argues that we need to remember to tell the whole story when recounting the protests, not just the story of violence.

Also on Dec. 10, Berkeley parent, journalist and community activist Erica Etelson, addresses what she says are five myths about the protests, including the claim that “the protestors are mostly entitled white kids looking for excitement.”

On Dec. 12, Jeff Scott, the newly appointed executive director for the Berkeley Public Library, wrote about the library’s role as a place of shelter during the protests.

Finally, Dianne Emmett of Berkeley is glad to see all the demonstrations calling for justice, but she is troubled that one group, called By Any Means Necessary, is a main organizer of the protests. BAMN believes in violent protests and has acted as a provocateur during recent marches, Emmett argues in an Opinionator piece published on Dec. 14. “Remember that BAMN is willing to lie to manipulate people into potentially violent situations,” she writes.

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