Berkeley this morning by Ted Waitt. Photo taken on Feb. 25, 2015
Berkeley this morning by Ted Waitt. Photo taken on Feb. 25, 2015

Owner of Udupi Palace owes workers $120,000 in back wages (CoCo Times)
The secret spotted hyenas of UC Berkeley (Boing Boing)
A Look Back: Berkeley hit by huge downpour 75 years ago (CoCo Times)
Berkeley and the national parks start a second century of science (UCB News)
Students express concern over professor’s remarks on Black Lives Matter (Daily Cal)
Students set up faux security checkpoints in Sproul Plaza (Daily Cal)
Cal built a parking lot where its students play field hockey (Huff Po)
Right-to-die activists turns to Cal students for support (KTVU)
Missy Franklin-led Bears shatter USA relay record at Pac-12 meet (Bear Bytes)
State will issue formal complaint to BUSD over treatment of teacher (Express)
Chef’s Corner with Gather top chef, Charis Wahl (East Bay Loop)
Hayward man hit by van in Berkeley remains hospitalized (IBA)
Student sexually battered Wednesday on UC campus (Patch)

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