William Ker “Sandy” Muir, who passed away on Feb. 26, 2015. Photo: courtesy of the family

William Ker “Sandy” Muir, 83, died Feb. 26, 2015.

Born Oct.30, 1931 in Detroit, Michigan, Muir taught political science at UC Berkeley from 1968 and finished his last class in 2012. The recipient of several teaching awards, Muir also authored five books, the last of which, “Freedom in America,” was published in 2011.

He is survived by his loving wife of 55 years, Paulette, his two daughters, Kerry and Hattie, three grandchildren, Mac, Joey and Maggie, and his elder brother, Howie, of Farmington Connecticut.

Loved dearly by his family and friends and an inspiration to many, he was forever the optimist. He saw the strengths in everyone he met and believed each of us had the ability to make the world a better place.

He will be truly missed.

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