Fieldwork Brewing by William Newton. Photo taken March 21, 2015

A shrub grows in Berkeley (Eat Drink Films)
Police complainants feel justice is elusive (ChicoEr News)
Retired UC professor recalls Selma to Montgomery march (Mercury News)
New laws won’t solve Berkeley’s homeless problems (Tribune)
New Berkeley Art Museum announces first show; no date yet (SF Chronicle)
Berkeley students offer free tax service (UCB News)
An interview with Ted speaker and UC student Adora Svitak (Daily Clog)
An exhaustive look at UC Berkeley’s lawns (Daily Clog)
How Richard Pryor crushed his “Cosby” to become comedy’s top badass (California)
White power, white culture, white wash (Daily Planet)
Algerian food comes to Berkeley (Express)
Tartuffe revival at Berkeley Rep an enthralling dark force (IBA)
Covenant Winery owners dish on Passover dishes (Mercury News)

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