"To the Berkeleyans who have stood by me in this dark and difficult time in my life…" Photo: Richard Nagler
“To the Berkeleyans who have stood by me in this dark and difficult time in my life…” Photo: Richard Nagler
“To the Berkeleyans who have stood by me in this dark and difficult time in my life…” Photo: Richard Nagler

In the past few weeks, many Berkeleyside readers have enjoyed a front-row seat as one local resident took a novel approach to resolving the years-long theft of his Wall Street Journal. The story gained national attention but we’re proud to say: You heard it here first.

After Berkeleyside’s initial report about the newspaper theft, Richard Nagler, who penned the note and stuck it to the gate of his store, kept us posted regarding several updates. Most recently, the Wall Street Journal left its own note to Nagler to offer him an iPad to compensate him for his losses over the years.

Now, in what we believe will likely be the story’s final installment, Nagler shared with Berkeleyside his latest missive, which he posted on the gate outside his South Berkeley skylight business.

In it, Nagler offers one final coda to his story, and also encourages his fellow Berkeleyans to support Berkeleyside by signing up for a membership as a monthly subscriber. We at Berkeleyside hope you will appreciate his note, which appears below in full. We also appreciate Nagler’s — and everyone else’s — support, which we know comes to us in many forms. 

“To the Berkeleyans who have stood by me in this dark and difficult time in my life”

As many of you know, the story of the continual and criminal disappearance of my Wall Street Journal, and my solution to the problem, has been broadcast around the world after Berkeleyside ran with the story.

Here’s the outcome:

With your prayers and some intense Primal Scream therapy, I am now working hard to put myself back together. The inability to read Karl Rove columns so many times over so many years has left me bereft.

Also, just between us, my wife regrets to report that going viral makes one less virile.

The fact that the Wall Street Journal editor-in-chief has sent me an iPad with the WSJ App is little consolation for my grievous loss.

Rest assured, I do have some Berkeley integrity left. I will be turning over the iPad to left-wing guerillas in an as yet unnamed third-world country, as soon as I have had a chance to test the iPad over the next two to three years.

But through this dark episode I have also learned of another theft that threatens the very essence of our Berkeley community. Apparently, there are a few Berkeleyans who read Berkeleyside regularly without paying the minimum suggested $5 monthly subscription fee (I know it’s not required, but c’mon). Please God, dear reader, that you may not find yourself amongst this despicable few.

For those Berkeley cynics out there who are about to “Comment” on Berkeleyside that this has all been a publicity stunt with nefarious intent, let it suffice to say I have no desire to use my new-found celebrity to profit on or to promote any product or service. What say, Berkeley? Let’s just all “Kick back with a can of COKE®” ©™ and relax.

Om sweet Om

Richard Nagler

Learn how to support Berkeleyside in whatever way you see fit. Berkeleyside sent a similar message out to Daily Briefing subscribers Thursday morning, but wanted to share the end to this story with our readers more broadly, and make it easier — for those who are interested — to sign up for our membership program, as we neglected to include a link to our membership page in the email edition of this letter.

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