Photo taken by Ira Serkes on June 11, 2105
Photo taken by Ira Serkes on June 11, 2105

Deaths of Irish students on balcony cast pall over program (NYT)
NYT’s public editor censures paper’s story on balcony collapse (NYT)
After blackout, a squirrel seems too convenient a scapegoat (NYT)
A Look Back: Life of Supreme Court justice celebrated (CoCo Times)
Cal students rally against discontinuation of health insurance (Daily Cal)
Irish consulate prepares for arrival of grieving families (IBA)
Ramadan in Berkeley: Tips for the perfect iftar (Daily Clog)
“I’ve lost the love of my life,” says girlfriend of balcony victim (Telegraph)
Students who plunged may have been trying to save others (Mirror)
Living in Berkeley, I wasn’t expecting raid on my pot plants (Alternet)

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