Berkeleyside contributors (l to r): Alix Wall, Kim Aronson and Anna Mindess. In the background: Berkeleyside co-founders Lance Knobel and Tracey Taylor. Photo: Nancy Rubin

Thank you to all of you who came to Berkeleyside’s latest Open Office on Wednesday evening at WeWork Berkeley, where Berkeleyside has its HQ. It was lovely to see so many of our talented contributors there — including Nancy Rubin who took all the photographs published here — as well as many loyal readers and members.

(If you spot someone in the photos who hasn’t been identified in the caption, let us know and we’ll update it.)

Until the next time!

Berkeleyside contributing photographers Ira Serkes and Pete Rosos. Trena Cleland is in the background. Photo: Nancy Rubin
Amanda Myers, West Branch Berkeley Library Supervisor, speaks with Paul Rauber, executive editor of Sierra Magazine. Photo: Nancy Rubin
Left to right: David Gerber, Sarah Howard, and Berkeleyside contributor Andy Gilbert. Photo: Nancy Rubin
Playwright Carol Lashof (left), Susan Helmrich, wellness coach and director of Swim Across America SF (center) and Berkeleyside contributing photographer Bill Newton (right). Photo: Nancy Rubin
UC Berkeley’s Rita Maran talking with Berkeleyside co-founder Lance Knobel. Photo: Nancy Rubin
EBMUD director Andy Katz (right). Photo: Nancy Rubin
Berkeley Police officers Jennifer Coats and Byron White. Photo: Nancy Rubin
Sayuri Kimbell from Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine College. Photo: Nancy Rubin
Meleah Hall, (left), who worked on the Measure D campaign and Jennifer Brown (right), chair of the Berkeley Soda Tax panel. Photo: Nancy Rubin
Berkeleyside contributing writers Mary Flaherty (left) and Sylvia Rubin. Photo: Nancy Rubin
Left to right: Berkeleyside contributor Elaine Miller Bond; Berkeleyside intern Francesca Paris; Berkeleyside’s Senior Reporter Emilie Raguso and Nosh editor Kate Williams. Photo: Nancy Rubin
Left to right: Berkeleyside co-founder Lance Knobel, David Gerber and Barbara Hanna. Photo: Nancy Rubin
Book editor Alan Rinzler. Photo: Nancy Rubin

See Nancy Rubin’s full set of photos.

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