Robin Kevin King
Robin Kevin King, who died July 27, 2015

Chef and local business owner Robin Kevin King passed away on July 27 after years of illness. He is survived by his wife, daughter, son in law, three grandchildren, two brothers, two nieces, brother in laws, and many close cousins and friends.

Kevin’s  family was always very important to him and he used any excuse to bring them together and cook for them.

Kevin was a chef at Café Fanny, Oliveto, and Poulet, and for a few years he owned Ozzie’s Soda Fountain (now the Elmwood Café) on College Avenue, his favorite job until he started to have trouble with his health.

Everyone stole Kevin’s salad-dressing recipe, he made the most mouth-watering desserts, like his famous crisp, and his chocolate angel food cake, which is still sold at Picante. He could take leftovers and make the best meal you ever tasted. He called it “Fred for dinner.”

Kevin owned several stores. Berkeley Way was a store that sold waterbeds and handmade local items, including the first Body Shop products (now Body Time). He later worked for them and created the “China Rain” scent. Big Fun was his new-wave store on Shattuck Avenue that sold old and new clothes and Doc Martins.

Kevin was born in New York, where he learned to cook from his Irish grandmother, who was Cordon Bleu taught, and he still had sense memories of his childhood with her until he passed. He moved to California when he was 20, and he was a Californian.

He loved all animals, and they loved him. From Great Danes, Manx cats — even unknown strange parrots would try to fly onto his shoulder to get his attention.

He was an artist, a much loved father and grandfather. He will be missed.

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