2310 Ninth St. Photo: John Storey
2310 Ninth St. Photo: John Storey

In August, I posted a story and plea on Berkeleyside. I asked if a Berkeleyside reader might know something about the wonderful bas-relief tiles celebrating the Oakland A’s found on this 1916 West Berkeley garage/studio. Within minutes I had my answer. Go Berkeleyside!

Two artists live here — Jos Sances and Robbin Henderson. She is a painter and print maker.

Robbin Legerre Henderson. Photo: John Storey
Robbin Henderson prints and scratch boards. Photo: John Storey

Jos Sances was the driving force behind the tiles. He joined forces with Robbin (the squash tile), his son Dar and daughter-in-law Anissa (the seagull and peanuts), and grandchildren Max and Amira (the swirly kids art tiles).

Sances is the founder and art director of Alliance Graphics in Berkeley. A Sicilian-American, Sances worked for years with La Raza Graphics and Mission Grafica in San Francisco.  For the past 35 years he has made his living as a designer/printmaker/muralist. Here is a taste of his work:

Ronald Reagan Jack in the Box. Photo: John Storey
United Farm Workers comic. Photo: John Storey
Drinking water for Palestinian Children. Photo: John Storey
Jos Sances self-portrait for Day of the Dead panorama. Photo: John Storey
Leonard Da Vinci’s war machine and Popeye. Photo: John Storey
Leonard Da Vinci’s war machine and Popeye. Photo: John Storey
Left to right: Zapata, Ginsberg, Geronimo, Malcolm X, George Washington, Che, Marx, Lenin, Judas (fill in the face), Mao, Gandhi, and Dylan. Photo: John Storey

Sances’ murals abound in the East Bay. Unlike many muralists, his style is generally not evocative of Diego Rivera, although he describes his relationship with Henderson as a modern day Diego Rivera/Frida Kahlo. This Sances mural also celebrates the As, found at the Coliseum:

Oakland Coliseum mural. Photo courtesy: Jos Sances

It is a stunning mural, but I’ll take the imperfect tiles on Ninth Street over this perfection.

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