Masha Gessen at the Uncharted Ideas Festival in 2015. Listen to her conversation with Lance Knobel on the Uncharted:Berkeley podcast. Photo: Pete Rosos

Looking for something good to listen to when driving, working out, walking the dog, or simply lounging on the couch?

Berkeleyside has just released five more podcasts of the conversations that took place at Uncharted 2015.

Every October, Berkeleyside’s annual Uncharted Berkeley Festival of Ideas draws together diverse thinkers and artists from around the country for conversations and performances that provoke, entertain and challenge our ‘thinking as usual.’

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Here are the episodes released so far (with links to iTunes — go to our podcasting page or use the podcast feed for your podcasting app):

1. What next for Black Lives Matter? — Pastor Michael McBride
2. Bring back the firing squad — Judge Alex Kozinski
3. Too much medicine is making us sicker — Shannon Brownlee
4. How I learned to stop worrying and love drones — Chris Anderson
5. Is Gwyneth Paltrow wrong about everything? — Timothy Caulfield
6. Science and free speech — Alice Dreger
7. Are our economic problems new (robots) or old (forgetting Keynes)? Brad DeLong
8. Confronting gentrification — Malo André Hutson
9. The man without a face — Masha Gessen
10. Superpowers, cyborgs, taxes, fanatics and reincarnation — Vivienne Ming

The Uncharted:Berkeley podcasts are sponsored by North Berkeley Investment Partners.

Berkeley authors Michael Lewis, Michael Pollan and Michael Lewis appeared at a Berkeleyside event in December 2012. Listen to the podcast.

We have also re-released, for your listening pleasure, The Three Michaels of Berkeley: Michael Chabon, Michael Lewis and Michael Pollan having a riotous time together on stage at an event organized by Berkeleyside in 2012.

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And mark your calendar: the 2016 Uncharted Berkeley Festival of Ideas will take place on Oct. 14-15 in downtown Berkeley.

Happy listening!

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