A homeless person sleeps on a Berkeley street on May 20. Photo: Ted Friedman

Walk down any street in Berkeley, from the shores of the Marina up to the UC Berkeley campus, and chances are good you will spot someone living on the street. Sometimes they are sleeping. Sometimes they are playing music. Sometimes they are panhandling. On occasion, they are protesting.

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Berkeleyside has gathered portraits and pictures of the city’s homeless in a photo essay we hope shows a range of experiences people living on the street have.

A homeless man named Pink Cloud plays guitar in the Durant food court in Berkeley on June 21, 2013. Photo: David Yee
A homeless person sleeps in the doorway of the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign headquarters on University Avenue on June 4. Photo: David Yee

Thomas Barnett, who has been living near the Gilman underpass in Berkeley, makes money to live on by refurbishing and selling old bikes. Photo taken June 23. Photo: Frances Dinkelspiel
In June, at the intersection of Hearst and San Pablo, a good Samaritan leaves a food offering on a shopping cart piled high with personal possessions. Photo: Denise McCarthy
A homeless person sleeps on a piece of discarded furniture on Shattuck Avenue on Nov. 28, 2015. Photo: David Yee
Bill Sermon, 50, lives near the Gilman underpass in Berkeley. He is a scavenger and spends much of his day going around looking for discarded items. He says Cal students toss out a lot of barely used items, which he collects and sells. Photo, taken June 23, by Frances Dinkelspiel
Myra Cole of Berkeley, looks at a homeless encampment in front of Old City Hall on Nov. 25, 2015. The encampment was set up to protest laws aimed at regulating the homeless. Photo: David Yee
Bood, 37, lives by the Gilman underpass. He makes $30 to $40 a day scavenging. He finds lots of food (people throw away a lot from Trader Joe’s, he said), as well as things like scooters and skateboards. When Caltrans and Berkeley cleaned out the camp on June 16, he just went across the street and returned when they left, he said. Photo, taken in June, by Frances Dinkelspiel
A transgender homeless woman in a wheelchair holds a sign to ask for money to buy tampons in April. Photo: Ted Friedman
A passer-by looks at people lying on the sidewalk of Telegraph Avenue on May 30. Photo: Ted Friedman
Patricia Brown looks out from her tent on the steps of Old City Hall on Nov. 25, 2015. Brown is from Minnesota. The camp was set up to protest laws aimed at regulating the homeless. Photo: David Yee
Hate Man, 80, probably Berkeley’s longest-running and oldest homeless man, dumpster dives at Berkeley’s World Music Festival on June 11. Photo: Ted Friedman
Pink Cloud in his room at the Lakehurst Hotel in Oakland, on Nov. 6, 2015. At the time, he had been housed for about nine months after spending many years living on the streets. Photo: David Yee
Officials try to help a person on Telegraph Avenue on April 23. Photo: Ted Friedman
Sleeping on Telegraph Avenue on April 23. Photo: Ted Friedman
Homeless people make camp in Civic Center Park as the second Bay Area Book Festival takes place around them June 4. Photo: David Yee
Patrons of a café on Shattuck Avenue look out at transient people on the sidewalk on June 5. Photo: Ted Friedman
A homeless man on a Berkeley’s Telegraph Avenue on May 19. Photo: Ted Friedman
A shopping cart at the North Berkeley Senior Center in October 2015 holds possessions of the homeless. Photo: Emilie Raguso
Ninja Kitty is interviewed by a TV crew in 2015 after video came out of a Downtown Ambassador apparently assaulting two homeless people. Kitty called Berkeley streets “a war zone.” Photo: Ted Friedman
The Gilman homeless encampment near the railway lines in 2014. Photo: Citizen reporter
Homeless people express themselves with signs on Shattuck Avenue in 2012. Photo: Emilie Raguso
A homeless person sleeps on the sidewalk in the 2500 block of Durant Avenue on Dec. 11, 2015. Photo: David Yee

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See full coverage on Berkeleyside of the Berkeley Homeless Project. Read more about homelessness in Berkeley. This story is part of the Bay Area-wide initiative to document homeless issues. This endeavor, The San Francisco Homeless Project, includes 70 media organizations.

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