Op-ed: We need Darryl Moore on Berkeley City Council

It’s simple – we need Moore.  We are facing both good times and challenging times, and that is a moment when civic experience matters. We need to reelect Darryl Moore for Berkeley City Council, District 2. When divisive politics and meaningless soundbites rule the airwaves, turning people against one another, we need a leader who will focus on the core issues for our neighborhoods to create a stable, progressive, inclusive, and positive community that will grow and succeed in the face of both opportunities and challenges. That leader is Darryl Moore.

Darryl understands the communities, the issues, the way the city of works, and how to get things done to improve residents’ lives. Isn’t that what is most important in a Council representative? I want someone like Darryl, who has worked tirelessly on the council to accomplish a great deal for our neighborhood, and the City of Berkeley. He has accomplished things like improving community policing by increasing our police force while also improving accountability by fighting to get body and dashboard cameras; supporting our youth by providing backpacks and school supplies to new Rosa Parks Elementary students for the past 12 years, and working on the 2020 Vision to bridge the academic achievement gap, while also sponsoring Full Youth Employment legislation to ensure that our local youth have opportunities for summer employment; revitalizing our infrastructure by securing funds for streets and parks; supporting health fairs and community events in San Pablo park; making developers pay their fair share towards affordable housing, social services, open space, transportation, and job training; and making Berkeley Bowl West a reality in our neighborhood.

For the past 12 years, Darryl has been devoted to the community and the entire City of Berkeley to make it the best it can be. We have had a lot of successes, but there is still a lot more to accomplish.  We must address affordable housing, public safety, more infrastructure improvements, environmental issues, and supporting our youth in a meaningful way that allows them to find pathways to success. Darryl can help lead the way through policy advocacy and solution-oriented facilitations that help our community move forward. He is a leader with a demonstrated willingness and ability to forge alliances with stakeholders, community members, religious leaders, councilmembers, youth, and elders to get the work done.

Darryl was very responsive as the Civic Arts Commission developed a policy to require private development to contribute a percentage of their construction costs toward providing public art for the community. Through this process, I found Darryl to be thoughtful and pragmatic, finding innovative solutions to difficult problems. He also demonstrated his dedication and commitment when he was present through the arduous process of actually getting the legislation passed. Coupled with experience and consistent service, these are traits that are critical for those whom we expect to run our city.

Changes are coming to Berkeley, the state, and the nation with this election cycle. It is an eclectic, confusing, tectonic, and fragile moment in the history of the United States. This period of time calls for thoughtfulness, compassion, and flexibility as we work hard to keep our neighborhoods vibrant, our young people safe, and our city a model of equality and justice for everyone.

Why am I supporting Darryl? Because I know Darryl, I know his heart, I know his commitment, and I have seen him get results during the eight years of my appointment. I respectfully urge my District 2 neighbors to reelect Darryl Moore for City Council.

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Stephanie Anne Johnson is a professor in the CSU system, a former Berkeley Civic Arts Commissioner for eight years, an artist and arts review panelist, a UC Berkeley graduate, theater worker, and the recipient of the City of Berkeley's Stephanie Anne Johnson Day Proclamation in 2012. Dr. Johnson has been living in District 2 for 34 years.