Mayoral candidates Laurie Capitelli and Jesse Arreguín butted heads Tuesday night over the minimum wage proposal. Photos: Mark Coplan
Mayoral candidates Laurie Capitelli and Jesse Arreguín. Photos: Mark Coplan

It’s been a long time since Berkeley had a competitive mayoral election. There’s no polling conducted in Berkeley, but with incumbent Tom Bates stepping down, there’s considerable uncertainty about the result of the 2016 race.

Unquestionably, the two most visible candidates – most active in campaigning, raising the most money, and spending the most on the race – are council members Laurie Capitelli and Jesse Arreguín. Berkeleyside has been covering the different approaches the two take to many of the issues that dominate debate in Berkeley, from housing to homelessness to downtown. But what do we know about Arreguín’s and Capitelli’s development as local political figures?

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Berkeleyside’s Frances Dinkelspiel has been attending mayoral forums, interviewing the candidates, and tracking them down during public events like the recent Sunday Streets. The result is two portraits of very different figures, vying for the symbolic leadership of Berkeley.

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