The Alameda County registrar of voters. Photo: Emilie Raguso

Update: Tune in to Berkeleyside’s 2016 live blog tonight, Nov. 8, and see our Election Day photo gallery. Share your election news, photos and videos with us. Details are here. Looking for an election night watch party in Berkeley? Look no further

Vote-by-mail ballots are here and the Nov. 8, 2016, election is right around the corner. Berkeleyside has been covering the issues for months, and we’ve collected much of our Berkeley election coverage into one place to help readers get informed before they cast their votes. This page will be updated regularly until Election Day, so bookmark it and keep coming back.

In addition to our news coverage, a lively debate has been going on in our opinion pages. Berkeleyside welcomes submissions of op-ed articles of 500-800 words. We ask for first refusal to publish. Topics should be Berkeley-related and local authors are preferred. Please email submissions and questions to the editors.

Tune in Tuesday to the Berkeley elections live blog.

Scroll to the bottom of this page for local voter information, and visit Voter’s Edge to see your Berkeley ballot. If you think this resource is handy, please share it with your networks, through social media and email.

Candidate descriptions below, in italics, reflect the ballot order and ballot designation. All opinion pieces — regardless of author or subject — appear in a separate section near the bottom of this post. The links in the italics intros pull up past Berkeleyside coverage related to the candidates.

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Election Day and beyond

Candidate forums and more comparisons

Mayoral race

Berkeley mayoral candidates. Photos: Courtesy

Eight candidates will be on the ballot: Kriss Worthington (Berkeley City Council member), Bernt Rainer Wahl (scientist/entrepreneur/professor), Zachary RunningWolf (indigenous elder), Jesse Arreguín (Berkeley City Council member), Naomi D. Pete (no designation requested), Laurie Capitelli (Berkeley City Council member, District 5), Ben Gould (graduate student), Guy “Mike” Lee (community volunteer). More campaign stories are coming.

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District 2: West Berkeley

From left: Cheryl Davila, Nanci Armstrong-Temple and Darryl Moore. They are running for District 2. Photo: Emilie Raguso

Three candidates are on the ballot: Cheryl Davila (commissioner/bookkeeper/parent), Nanci Ira Armstrong-Temple (teacher/mom/entrepreneur), and Darryl Moore (Berkeley City Council member, District 2). An overview of the race is in the works.

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District 3: South Berkeley

District 3 candidates: From right, Ben Bartlett, Deborah Matthews, Al Murray and Mark Coplan. Photo: Emilie Raguso

Four candidates are on the ballot: Mark A. Coplan (retired school administrator), Al G. Murray (Personnel Board chair), Deborah Matthews (educator/Realtor) and Ben Bartlett (director, environmental non-profit). An overview of the race is in the works.

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District 5: North Berkeley

District 5, from left: Sophie Hahn, Stephen Murphy. Photos: Courtesy

Two candidates are running: Sophie Hahn (Zoning Board commissioner) and Stephen Murphy (family justice advocate). More coming soon.

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District 6: Northeast Berkeley

Appearing in ballot order, top row from left, District 6 candidates: Susan Wengraf, Fred Dodsworth, Isabelle Gaston. Photos: Courtesy

Three candidates are on the ballot: Susan Wengraf (incumbent), Fred Dodsworth (journalist/teacher/businessperson) and Isabelle Gaston (medical writer). More coming soon.

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Berkeley School Board

From left: Abdur Sikder, Judy Appel, Beatriz Leyva-Cutler and Norma Harrison. Photos: Courtesy

Four candidates are running for two seats: Abdur Sikder (scientist/entrepreneur), Judy Appel (Berkeley School Board director), Beatriz Leyva-Cutler (incumbent) and Norma J F Harrison (write-in candidate). 

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Berkeley Rent Stabilization Board

Berkeley Rent Board candidates (clockwise from upper left): Nate Wollman, Alejandro Soto-Vigil, Leah Simon-Weisberg, Christina Murphy, Igor Tregub and Judy Hunt. Photos: Courtesy

Six people are running for four seats: Nate Wollman (property manager), Alejandro Soto-Vigil (Rent Stabilization Board commissioner), Leah Simon-Weisberg (tenant attorney), Judy J. Hunt (commissioner, Rent Stabilization Board), Igor Tregub (Housing commissioner/engineer), Christina Murphy (housing coordinator). More coming soon.

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Ballot measures

School children campaign for Measure E1 at the Solano Stroll. Photo: Yes on Measure E1 Campaign

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Campaign finances

Opinion pieces

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Election events and general information

Stay tuned to Berkeleyside for 2016 election coverage. Photo: Emilie Raguso

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Other resources

The deadline to register to vote in Alameda County for the Nov. 8 election was Monday, Oct. 24. Berkeleyside does not endorse candidates or measures. Did we miss a resource you think we should add, or have interesting tips about election coverage? Email Berkeleyside.

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