Berkeley High students at an election protest Wednesday, Nov. 9. Photo by Berkeleyside contributing photographer Pete Rosos

The president-elect has shown he has no respect for the press and its role to bear witness and hold the powerful accountable. He banned major news outlets, including Univision and the Washington Post, from his events and called the media “lying,” “disgusting” and “rigged.”

Without the press, we would know very little about Donald Trump. Without a local press, a community knows little about what is happening in the city’s corridors of power, is unaware of the machinations of the local economy, crime trends or community happenings. In the past months, Berkeleyside published 159 stories about the local election.

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Frances Dinkelspiel (right) interviews a Berkeley High student during a protest on Nov. 9. Image: Facebook Live film shot by Berkeleyside’s Tracey Taylor
shot by Berkeleyside’s Tracey Taylor

Ask yourself: Where other than Berkeleyside could you have read such detailed, informed coverage of the Berkeley election to help you decipher how to vote? Where would you have read about our city’s mail delivery problems, the need for a new bike lane after a near-fatal crash, or a deer jumping into the King pool during a kids’ swimming lesson.

And when half of Berkeley High walked out of school Wednesday to protest the election results, Berkeleyside had reporters right there, from the BHS courtyard to the steps of UC Berkeley’s Campanile. Our tiny team has been out on the streets of Berkeley for two days and nights running. (And our Facebook Live film of the BHS protest has reached an astonishing 610,000 people.)

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