A two-car crash injured five people in North Berkeley on Thursday. Photo: BFD

Five people were taken to Highland Hospital on Thursday after a crash involving two or three vehicles in North Berkeley, authorities report.

According to Berkeley Police spokesman Sgt. Andrew Frankel, one vehicle hit the other and pushed it into a tree. Two vehicles are being towed from the scene, he said.

The crash took place at Marin and Shattuck avenues shortly before 12:20 p.m.

Frankel said four ambulances were dispatched and two people were taken to Highland Hospital, the regional trauma center in Oakland, according to preliminary reports.

Deputy Fire Chief Donna McCracken said the crash involved three vehicles, and that five people were taken to Highland.

A car crash injured five people in North Berkeley on Thursday. Photo: BFD

One local resident who lives nearby on Oxford Street said she heard the crash from her home and went to see what happened.

“Entire side of Acura truck mangled….all air bags deployed. Prius is up the road,” she told Berkeleyside.

She saw a woman “screaming/ on phone not sure if kids are in the car….guys can’t open door.”

Berkeleyside will update this post if additional information becomes available.

Update, 5:30 p.m. BFD says that, according to early reports, the vehicle shown in the photographs above was “coming fast down Marin and hit the 2 other vehicles on its way down. It bypassed both – ending up below them.”

It was the SUV that had the greatest damage. At this time there’s no information on what caused the vehicle to travel so fast, BFD said.

No further information has been available about the victims from Thursday’s crash. Berkeleyside will continue to follow up.

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