Olya Segal, 51, missing since xxx. Photo: Courtesy Tim Loughman
Olya Segal, 51, missing since Thanksgiving. Photo: Courtesy Tim Loughman

Berkeley Police issued a Nixle alert Wednesday asking for the community’s help to find Berkeley resident Olya Segal, 51, who was last seen on Thanksgiving day, Nov. 24.

Olya Segal is described as being  5’9, with blue eyes, weighing approximately 140 lbs, with light brown or reddish blonde hair. She is a native of St. Petersburg, Russia, and speaks with a Russian accent.

Segal had an invitation to Thanksgiving dinner with a family for whom she babysat regularly, according to her ex-husband, Tim Loughman, but she did not show up. Her upstairs neighbors on Berryman Street reportedly saw Segal sweeping her walkway Thanksgiving morning. That’s the last time she was reported being seen.

Berkeley Police broke into Segal’s apartment after a missing person’s report was filed, and found a suicide note, according to Loughman, who said his ex-wife, with whom he was in regular touch, suffered from depression.

Segal is a licensed architect in Russia and a graduate of the St. Petersburg Academy of Art. In the past, she made jewelry under the Pearl & Pebble brand name, but Loughman said her real passion was painting. In previous years she taught watercolor classes at the Albany Adult School, ran the Youth Arts Studio program at All Souls Episcopal church on Cedar Street, and created greeting cards for Schurman Fine Papers of Fairfield. She also worked at the ACCI gallery on Shattuck. Most recently she was a regular babysitter for about half a dozen families in Berkeley, Albany, Kensington and Alameda. Loughman describes Segal as a dear friend and said she is much loved by her family, friends, students and clients.

“Iinasmuch as there has been no sign of her, she may be alive and well, or at least alive,” Loughman wrote Berkeleyside. “…we’re still hoping to hear something, whether good or bad.”

Loughman has posted a “plea for help” on his Facebook page about Segal, and also created an autonomous Facebook page called Have You Seen Olya?

If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of Olya Segal or if she is located, please contact the Berkeley Police Department (510) 981-4722.

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