The bar at Comal. Photo: Quinn Dombrowski/Flickr

Back in 2013, we compiled a comprehensive map of drinking establishments in the city of Berkeley. It was a great list, and one we turned to often on many a Friday afternoon. But, as many of you pointed out, there are many, many more bars, restaurants, breweries and bottle shops across the East Bay.

It may have taken a while, but we’ve finally managed to put together a larger East Bay drinking map, featuring just about every alcohol-focused business we could find — from El Cerrito in the north to Alameda in the south

As before, we’ve sorted each establishment into color-coded categories based on its business type or specialty. (You’ll find that key below the map.) Click on the pin to read details about each location. Areas like Uptown Oakland are positively bursting with bars; you’ll want to zoom in further to get a clearer view. You can also get a full-browser view of the map.

Several of the businesses on the map are on our recently updated Nosh Guide. Go there for more details on our favorite bars and restaurants in the East Bay.

See a full-browser version of the map here.

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