“Bright spot in our day” at the Totland playground by the North Berkeley BART. Photo: Koseli Cummings

Readers were impressed by a dazzling rainbow over Berkeley that showed up around 3:20 p.m. Friday. A number of them shared their images with Berkeleyside. We always love to receive photographs from readers. Email tips@berkeleyside.com with caption and credit information. Many of these images appeared first on the Berkeleyside Facebook page. Please make sure you’ve connected with us there.

Note: As we published this story, another rainbow emerged at 4:15 p.m. Share your photos if you have them, and we can update this post.

“Choose hope – not despair.” Photo: Rysa Pitner
A rainbow over Berkeley on Friday, Jan. 20. Photo: Eric Panzer
“Hope.” Photo: Daniel Mayeri
“Hope afterall?” Photo: Elisabeth H
The rainbow — with a faint double rainbow — encompassing Bing’s Liquor on San Pablo and Delaware, a corner with a troubled recent few years. Photo: Kent Shultz
“I loved seeing the rainbow shooting straight out of the UC campus, right beside the tip of Campanile barely visible, the Eucalyptus grove, and other downtown landmarks,” said Rhishikesh Limaye, who shared this photo. “Also, how ephemeral it was… vanished within a minute or two.” Photo: Ankita Prasad
Point Isabel rainbow. Photo: Ed Oswalt
Corner of Vine and MLK. Photo: Susi P Jensen
“Props to the teenage girls who were the first ones on the Rockridge Bart platform to see it!” Photo: Carissa Perkins
We (imperfectly) stitched two photos from Todd Wagner together. (We hope he doesn’t mind.)
“At Marin School in Albany, a little bit of hope on a hard day.” Photo: Cara Eisenberg
Rainbow over Solano. Photo: Laura McDevitt
Rainbow over the North Berkeley BART station. Photo: Aviva Kirsten
Rainbow in Berkeley. Photo: Natalie Chiquet
Rainbow in Berkeley. Photo: Natalie Chiquet
The first rainbow, over the Berkeley Art Museum. Photo: David Cohn

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