Police on the scene at a crime scene (file photo). Photo: Emilie Raguso

Berkeleyside has always aimed to bring readers breaking news fast through our stories and social media updates. We now bring you a new tool to help you stay informed: email news alerts.

Even with minimal promotion, more than 1,000 readers have already signed up to get these alerts, which we promise to use sparingly.

We know the feeling of email overload, and we want to avoid adding to the onslaught.

We sent our first alert Jan. 7, and have mailed just a handful since then. Most of those emails had to do with ongoing or significant police activity: news we think you need to know right now.

Our emails are always free and you can unsubscribe anytime. Sign up here.

Berkeleyside offers four email options: the popular Daily Briefing with the day’s headlines (now undergoing a quick redesign), our infrequent breaking news alerts (as described above), our once-weekly Nosh headlines, and our Uncharted festival updates.

Check out all four offerings and don’t hesitate to sign up for any that appeal to you.

We will never share or sell your personal information.

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