Red Horse Chestnut by melystu

Judge blocks Trump effort to withhold funds from sanctuary cities (NYT)
Berkeley community celebrates 48th anniversary of People’s Park (Daily Cal)
Gentrification poses threat to historical heritage of south Berkeley (Daily Cal)
New book details old time actor’s impact on Berkeley (East Bay Times)
Saturday is Independent Bookstore Day in Berkeley, around nation (East Bay Times)
Hubert Dreyfus, eminent philosopher, and AI skeptic dies at 87 (UCB News)
UC Berkeley is the school Silicon Valley relies most on when it hires (Quartz)
Inspired by Indiana Jones, Graduate Hotels remakes Berkeley landmark (Forbes)
Violence looms with Coulter talk as mayor questioned over his ties to BAMN (Fox News)
Campus, city to mark 75th anniversary of Japanese internment (UCB News)

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