An event in Berkeley on Sunday Aug. 13 culminated in a vigil with speeches at Civic Center Park. Photo: Kelly Sullivan

Addressing a crowd of several hundred people Sunday evening in Berkeley, Jaime Mulligan of Indivisible Berkeley, said: “What’s happened in our country is a giant wake-up call for everyone… and it bears repeating that what happened yesterday wasn’t some accident — that was an organized effort… so we’ll just out-organize them.”

The peaceful demonstration, which started at Finnish Hall around 7 p.m., then took the form of a march to Civic Center Park, ending with a candlelit vigil, was organized by Indivisible Berkeley in the wake of the violent demonstrations in Charlottesville, VA, over the weekend that left one woman dead and many injured.

Indivisible Berkeley is a part of the national Indivisible Movement with a stated mission to resist the agenda of the current administration.

Many of those who attended the Berkeley event carried handmade signs which included messages like “Trump won’t condemn white supremacists because he is one,” “It can happen here,” and “What has happened to my country?”

One man who attended the Charlottesville rally as a white nationalist was identified as the employee of a Berkeley business and subsequently fired.

Others who spoke Sunday evening included Eleanor Moses of Indivisible Berkeley, Rabbi Yoel Kahn of Congregation Beth El, Berkeley, and State Senator Nancy Skinner.

Berkeley has seen its share of rallies organized by far-right groups. So far this year, there have been three so-called Battles of Berkeley: on March 4, April 15 and April 27. The first two turned violent. The next such gathering in Berkeley, titled “No to Marxism in America,” is planned for Aug. 27 in Civic Center Park.

Video, below, by Armin Samii.

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Demonstrators marched from Finnish Hall on Chestnut Street to Civic Center Park. Photo: Kelly Sullivan
A panoramic view of the vigil on Sunday Aug. 13 in Civic Center Park in Berkeley. Photo: Roger Jones
Many of those at the event carried handmade signs. Photo: Kelly Sullivan
The empathy tent to encourage conversation and dialogue has also been present at Berkeley rallies organized by far-right groups. Photo: Ted Friedman
Marchers on Sunday Aug. 13. Photo: Roger Jones
Demonstrators march towards Civic Center Park. Photo: Dale Sophiea
State Senator Nancy Skinner addresses the crowd at Civic Center Park. Photo: Kelly Sullivan
Participants at the Aug. 13 vigil. Photo: Roger Jones
Participants taking photographs of the vigil. Photo: Kelly Sullivan
The crowd included young and old. Photo: Ted Friedman
A family holds signs at the Aug. 14 event in the wake of Charlottesville rally. Photo: Sarah Woods
Handmade sign held during peaceful Indivisible Berkeley demonstration on Aug. 13. Photo: Barbara McDonald
Lighting candles in Civic Center Park. Photo: Ted Friedman
Signs included ones supporting “Black Lives Matter.” Photo: Kelly Sullivan
Eleanor Moses of Indivisible Berkeley addresses the gathering. Photo: Kelly Sullivan
A young participant at the Aug. 14 vigil organized by Indivisible Berkeley. Photo: Alissa McLean

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